Korea Day 1: Tips For Beginners!

Annyeong! 🤗  Hi guys! It’s been a while since I wrote my last blog post. AND WOW! Can I just say that as I’m typing right now, it’s bringing back A LOT of nostalgia. As some of you may know, I started in this industry by blogging, and only recently got into Youtube, so it’s kind of a surreal feeling to be writing my first blog post in this revamped website of mine. I’m a bit sad that my old blog posts weren’t salvaged, but I’m still happy that I get to write new stories to you!

Anywhooo, without further ado, let’s get on with this video (I mean) blog post! Hehe Ever since the quarantine started, I became more focused in editing my vlogs, and that included my Korea Travel Series. It was truly a dream come true for me to go to South Korea last February 2020 with my parents! Probably because I got hooked on so many kdramas and the whole Korean culture in general! In my first vlog, I talked about some of the helpful tips that I believe you’ll be needing if ever you’re planning to go to Korea. As with any trip, you’ll need to meticulously plan ahead if you want to make the most out of your time! Here’s the link to my vlog: Korea Travel Day 1: Tips For Beginners!

And here are some photos from our Korea Travel Day 1! 

Arrival at the airport

Traveling to our hotel

Also, take a look at the hand carry bag I used! It’s by Avon, and I super love it cuz it’s really spacious and I got to fit a lot of my travel essentials inside!

Took us about 4 hours to reach our hotel in Seoul from the airport. So we decided to do a quick convenience store run (which was really convenient because it was beside our hotel), have dinner and rest for our first night in Korea, so that we’ll be recharged for sightseeing the next morning. Watch our vlog to see the tips I mentioned for your future travels to Korea!Korea Travel Day 1: Tips For Beginners!